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Since 2013 Compare Bonds Have Compared The Top UK Fixed Rate Bonds With Annual Interest From 3% – 12%


Invest in Bonds from just £5,000


Asset backed secured investments


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Earn up to

12% pa

When you invest with the

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Are you searching for fixed rate bonds, delivering bank beating interest rates?

All Bonds below are carefully selected from our panel.

It has recently come to our attention that an unscrupulous company are passing off under the false pretence of being ‘Compare Bonds’. If you have been contacted out of the blue (cold-called) and have no recollection of making an online enquiry with us, please report the call to both ourselves and to action fraud urgently. Please note that we do not make unsolicited calls, whenever we contact customers, we are doing so because they have enquired with ourselves directly at Compare Bonds. We take this fraudulent activity very seriously and we will actively defend our reputation whenever it is put at risk. Compare Bonds – 0800 138 8244 … Action Fraud – 0300 123 2040

Why Compare Bonds?

Our System identifies the top fixed rate bonds, which match our subscriber’s investment criteria.

  • Achieve Your Desired Interest Rate
  • Bonds Provide Security Over Stocks & Shares
  • Taxable Benefits Exist With Bonds

Who Are Fixed Rate Bonds Suitable For?

If you have a lump sum – perhaps a bonus from work, proceeds of a sale or even an inheritance – which you wont need access to for 1-5 years, a fixed rate bond is likely to be the smartest investment decision you could make.

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Please note – Investment Bonds put your capital at risk, and you may get back less than you originally invested.

How Does Brexit Affect Fixed Rate Bonds?

Since the referendum vote on Thursday 23rd June 2016, we have experienced immense demand from savers & investors looking for suitable investment bonds best matched to their requirements.

Brexit alone has acted as a major catalyst for those seeking safety & security for the foreseeable future within the financial sphere.

Compare Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

How are my funds used?

Dependent on the most suited option to your goals & overall requirements, Compare Bonds will introduce you to leading UK companies providing savers & investors with bank beating interest rates. Those companies will then utilise the funds raised to grow their business within their designated areas of expertise, in turn proving a fixed rate of interest between 3%-15% (risk appetite dependent)

How much can I invest?

Dependent on your overall investment objectives, the minimum most bond providers accept for investment use varies between £1000-£5000 very rarely is there a maximum which can be invested.

Do all the bonds offer me a fixed term & percentage?

Once you have submitted your details, the best suited options will be emailed to you with details on how to take advantage of the fixed rate returns on offer. All providers offer savers a fixed rate of interest over a set period of time.

How safe is my bond?

At comparebonds.com, we work in a similar fashion to that of several platforms offering mini-bonds to their investor & subscriber database, with thorough due diligence carried out before any listing is placed. All featured bond providers have demonstrated a clear & successful track record, with regulated trustees utilised for client/investor protection. Each provider has reputable board members boasting unblemished track records, with millions under management after various profitable projects being completed.

What is a bond?

Quite simply, a bond is a loan made to businesses in the form of investment from savers & investors. Interest is paid at regular intervals over a fixed timescale, with the ROI being higher than that of any high street savings option. Once the term of the bond has elapsed, the initial capital invested is returned in full.

Are Investment bonds covered by the FSCS?

This level of protection will vary dependent on your investment specifications.

Various bond providers are covered by the FSCS, whilst others give all investors a first legal charge on the companies assets (if Property related) first legal charge meaning you have the highest authority to your funds, should anything go wrong.

Investment Bonds put your capital at risk, and you may get back less than you originally invested.

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